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Queer in Utah! Is That Legal?

It's the things you don't hear about Salt Lake City that make it a great place for gays and lesbians to call home. The gay and
lesbian presence is a permanent part of Salt Lake's urban make-up with many taverns and private clubs, restaurants, gay owned or certainly gay friendly coffee shops, "family specific" book stores, thrift store, newspapers, radio programs, film festival and one of the largest Pride festivals in the western US that attracts over 25,000 every year. The parade is the second largest in the state.

While Utah still doesn't recognize gay marriage, many communities are working toward equality at a local level.
In Salt Lake City we have a Domestic Partnership Registry maintained by the Salt Lake City recorder's office. This registry is open to all adult residents who have a mutual commitment including same sex couples, elderly cohabitants and people with adult dependent children.

Both Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County have domestic partnership benefits for their employees.

Recently several Utah communities have enacted laws that prohibit employment or housing discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender status. This movement is called the Communities for Common Ground and is a result of the collaboration (if not cooperation) with the LDS church. Strange bedfellows indeed. As of this writing, those communities are: Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, West Valley City, Park City, Logan, Summit County, and Taylorsville.

Salt Lake City Gay Pride Celebration
Salt Lake City Gay Pride Parade
Salt Lake City Gay Pride Parade
GLBT Salt Lake City GLBT Salt Lake City GLBT Salt Lake City

Pride Day - Downtown Salt Lake City

Our real pride and joy is the Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Utah with library, resource center, meeting rooms and cafe (to assist in self sufficiency). Political activity is alive and well with several registered political action committees, caucus and organizations, including a cabin of the log variety. Recently we have benefited from being represented by an openly lesbian state house member in the downtown district and an openly gay state senator. Salt Lake City's past and current mayor are well know for their liberal and progressive causes.
Of course no community links page is considered complete without a list of clubs. But first a word about our liquor laws. Not nearly as draconian as in years past when we were famous for our private clubs. The rules now are on par with most states. Don't believe the old "can't get a drink in Utah" line.
Here are a few general rules and guidelines that you may find helpful

1. Most restaurants have at least limited alcohol available if not a full bar. You must show the intent to order food in order to be served a drink in a restaurant.
2. Private clubs are no longer mandatory but a few bars still exercise that option. A Utah private club is not exclusive. Just show the doorman your ID and ask if it would be possible for someone to sponsor you for the evening. There may be a small cover charge ($1 - $10) and once inside you can decide if you like the place well enough to buy an annual membership ($12 and up). Most bars are not private, so just show your ID, walk in and party down.
3. Always carry your picture ID. No matter how well those Botox injections worked, state law requires that you have proof of age to get into a bar, club or beer garden. You also may be carded at a restaurant or liquor store if you are the purchaser.
4. Utah uses a measured pour for alcohol and even though the size of the pour has increased to 1.5 oz the dry martinis are still Barbie size. Stick with mixed drinks where it is legal for the barkeep to add another ounce of "flavorings" or try our famous local brews. The 3.2% beer rule is only for grocer sales.

Salt Lake Area GLBT Bars and Clubs

251 W. 900 South
Salt Lake City
Private Club, Pool tables, Dance floor, patio, very casual and friendly.

Club Jam
751 N. 300 West
Salt Lake City
Neighborhood bar for Capitol Hill, patio, contemporary style.

The Paper Moon
3424 S. State St.
Salt Lake City
Salt Lake's Premier Women's Club.

The Trapp
102 S. 600 West
Salt Lake City
Private Club, Country western music and line dancing, with patio.


In addition to the "Gay everyday" locations listed above, there are now a growing number of bars and clubs in Salt Lake that have at least one Gay Night. It seems that just about every place in town is jumping on the "boys in the band"-wagon. It's a hard list to keep up with, so you may want to call and check with the individual clubs listed below before planning your night out.

Salt Lake Clubs with Specific Gay Nights

The Tavernacle
201 E. 300 South
Dueling piano or Karaoke most nights. Come sing along at this very gay friendly venue.


1051 E. 2100 South
Sunday night is Gay Latino night.


235 N. 500 West
18+, Fridays


400 South and West Temple
Saturday nights


Studio 27
615 W. 100 South
Sunday Latin Gay night


Club Edge
615 N. 400 West
Sundays Latin Gay night




Any Coffeehouse, Any time

The coffee house is the new gay bar. Cruising with caffeine. Bring a laptop and pretend to work on your new novel while glancing furtively over the top of the screen. No one will notice that your battery is dead.

Coffee Garden
876 E. 900 South

Salt Lake Roasting Co.
320 E. 400 South

Coffee Connection
1588 S. State

Java Jo's
1st Ave and E St.

nobrow coffee
315 E. 300 South

Cafe d'bolla
249 E. 400 South

And too many more to list here...

So whether your tastes run to an all night rave at a secret warehouse or a late Sunday brunch behind dark glasses on the patio you can do it all in the great city of salt.

Salt Lake City Downtown Library
Salt Lake City Liberty Park
Salt Lake City 15th & 15th

Public Library

Liberty Park

Bistro at 15th & 15th

Salt Lake City Memory Grove Park
Salt Lake City at night
Salt Lake City from library roof

Memory Grove Park

Looking South from the Avenues
Looking NW

Just a few of the 33+ social outlets you may wish to join are: the U of U Lesbian and Gay Student Union, the Lambda Hiking Club, FrontRunners, QUAC, the Gay Rodeo Association, Salt Lake Men's Choir, Righteously Outrageous Twirling Corps (ROTC), Spicy Dinner Group, Goodtimes Bowling league, the Royal Court of the Golden Spike Empire, the Alternative Garden Club, the Stonewall Shooting Sports, the Gay Straight Animal Rights Alliance , Male Naturists, Gay Bingo or perhaps the Friends of Thelma and Louise Lesbian Terrorists and Sewing Circle.

Several newspapers and community guides are published locally that keep us informed and entertained. Of the city's two daily papers, the Salt Lake Tribune is considered the more liberal. The LDS Church owned Deseret News is (surprise, surprise) very conservative, and as of this update - failing.

A Sample of Salt Lake Print Media

Q Salt Lake
Salt Lake City Weekly
Salt Lake Tribune
Deseret News
The Catalyst
SLUG (Salt Lake Underground)


21st century gay life in Salt Lake City is far removed from the shadows of old. Early pioneer groundwork by The Utah Stonewall Center, Utah AIDS Foundation, People with AIDS Coalition of Utah, Gay and Lesbian Utah Democrats, Wasatch Affirmation and the famous East High (of High School Musical fame) Gay / Straight Alliance have created a city where rainbow flags hang from porch rails on nearly every block and where that car stopped next to you at the light will often sport rainbow or Equality decals in the window.

Salt Lake City Avenues Street FairGLBT Salt Lake City
New groups and old reflect the breadth of our growing community. Whatever your age or predilection, there is
something or someone for you in Salt Lake. So don't judge us by what you have heard from those who have never been here. Talk to all of us who have made this our home by choice not chance.

I really hope this information is helpful whether you are just visiting or a long time resident looking for new links. If relocation is in your future, please give me a call or e-mail for assistance in your new home search. At the very least, visit my links below for more real estate information.


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