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The 3 Truths You Must Know Before Calling a Real Estate Ad

1. Any free information number that you call or text (or email) is collecting your contact id. and selling it to agents looking for buyers. Plan on getting a call from a stranger. The information about the home for sale is free, but the real value is in your phone number or email that identifies you as a potential buyer.

2. The Realtor placing the ad represents the seller's interest, not yours. In fact they are required to use any information they gleam from you to get the highest price for their client (the seller) if you should happen to make an offer on that home.

3. The property may already be sold or in escrow. Even though running misleading ads are illegal and contrary to the Realtor code of ethics, a great number of listings on web sites such as Zillow are woefully out of date. The agent just happened to forget to update the property's status when it sold last year and why should he? It's like a flytrap for new clients.

The bottom line is; Shop Smart.

* Never register with a 3rd party web site to get real estate information. Use a free service like .
* Get a buyer's agent and tell them to make the calls. That's what they get paid for.
* Browse with your eyes open. The web is an invaluable tool for real estate but the information is only as good as the source.

Whether you're moving up, moving in or just moving on, call me today!


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